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  • What's initial development?

    Fleshcult was funded by a crowdfunding campaign at a Kickstarter-like site called OffBeatr: http://offbeatr.com/project/fleshcult-43773656982. Initial development is the period when I'll be working full time on Fleshcult using the funds raised.

  • How long will initial development take?

    Around 3-4 months initially. More detail at http://blog.fleshcult.com/rough-schedule/.

  • Once initial development is complete, will you keep working on it full-time?

    I hope so. It depends on whether I can make a living out of it and whether I'll need a holiday from the game by that point.

  • Once initial development is complete, will the game be free?

    Yup, free without a turn limit. Perhaps there might be a votation or fetish DLC packs. If you've donated in the crowdfunding, you'll get DLC for free. Also, I might show banner ads to free users in order to help cover server costs.

  • Is there going to be an offline version?

    I don't have any plans for that. I'm focussing on improving the web-based game.

  • I don't have a credit card. Is there some other way to donate?

    Well, there's Paypal: jackoekaki@yahoo.com. Please put your Fleshcult e-mail address in the message box of the payment so I can unlock donation rewards. Paypal is manual, so there might be a delay of a day or two before I can unlock your rewards.

  • Is my fetish going to be in the game?

    That will depend on the fetish survey, but I can tell you which fetishes I've ruled out:
    • No rape or torture.
    • No watersports or scat.
    • No beastiality, necrophilia or underage sex.
    • No anthropomorphic animals (furries)
    Most of those are there for legal reasons, except for furry content. I've thought about it and concluded that while I can hire writers to do fetishes that I'm not into, furry stuff is a never-ending commitment -- if I ever did one furry species, there would be an outcry for the rest of the animal kingdom. It'd need a whole game to itself and I'm not the man to make it.
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