Can you add more liar expansion for FleshCult?

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Can you add more liar expansion for FleshCult?

Postby DARK_ANGEL_HACK » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:15 am

Hi there, I have a suggestion for Flesh cult, a message saying "The lair is full! Any newcomers will have to replace one of the old minions. Expand the lair." is displayed in the game. I've upgraded to the liar to max. The upgrades are the following:

Lair Structures
Structure Upkeep

Bunks Cum-stained bunks full of giggles and the slap of flesh on flesh. 3 drops

Milking Stalls Milked sluts slumber in their stalls, drained of moans and precious fluid. 6 drops

Boudoirs Perfume-scented dressing rooms decorated with ornate pre-Fall furniture. Lace hangs from the ceiling to render lounging forms as shadows. 9 drops

Bathhouse Baths powered by infernal springs, hellish heat bubbling up through the water, filling the air with steam. Dripping figures wander the maze of vapor. 12 drops

Suction Pods Being sucked into the suction pods is just the beginning. There's the airtight sealing process, the biochemical deprogramming, the full body transformation--eventually captives become just another orange-pink pod dangling from the ceiling, waiting to descend on more intruders. 2 drops

Cavern of Hands A ceiling dangling with delicate arms, a floor carpeted with slumbering palms. Probably nothing to worry about.
5 drops
Tentacle Trap To look at the soft grass of this subterranean meadow, you'd never think a massive cluster of tentacles was patiently waiting to burst from the ground in a greedy rush of fuck-hungry tendrils. 9 drops

Ooze Trap Trespassers have plenty of time to regret their intrusion as the sticky pink goo swallows them up, immersing their body in paralyzing juice one inch at a time. If only they'd taken the time to look down before stepping onto the oddly glistening floor, they'd have seen blurred figures trapped in the warm ooze, suspended in an everlasting dream of brainless arousal. 15 drops

Subterranean Gardens Bats glide through the cthonic gardens, shadows flitting over the sprawled bodies of fucked-out minions lying exhausted on beds of moss. 15 drops

There are any upgrades coming in the gameplay?, if not, can you add so many upgrades for liar?
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