The Pact - A Fleshcult Short Story

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The Pact - A Fleshcult Short Story

Postby Sasquatchman » Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:26 pm

Hello all!

I recently finished writing up a short story based on Fleshcult. It mostly focuses on the merging process from the game, with a few modifications/interpretations regarding the process. It is (obviously) NSFW, but features no actual smexings, just some graphic descriptions of various naughty bits. Hope you all enjoy!

The Pact
By Sasquatchman

*DISCLAIMER* This story contains material that many might find strange, disturbing, or just downright weird. It includes graphic descriptions of forced transformation, magical body modification, conjoinment/merging, and other such weirdness. Reader discretion is advised.

As the hazy fog of unconsciousness slowly lifted, Andrew became aware of a whispered voice.

“… is that, obviously, you will not be able to return to your former life. The process is completely irreversible. You will never again be able to return to the realm of man. You are, of course, more than welcome to remain here in my domain. That said; you are absolutely certain you wish to continue with the procedure?”

Wait, he thought, who is that?

The voice was vaguely familiar to him. It was that of a young woman, but he couldn’t quite place where he had heard it before. She had a peculiar accent and odd manner of speech. Almost like the style of speech of someone very refined yet unfamiliar with the language. What ‘procedure’ was she talking about? Andrew’s mind was still struggling to wake up. Everything seemed distant and hazy. He couldn’t quite figure out if he was dreaming or not.

“Yes! Oh yes! I’ve never been so sure of something before in my life!”

Wait, was that Jen? What is she talking about?!

Andrew immediately recognized the second voice as that of his new girlfriend, Jennifer. But, who was she talking with? What were they discussing? As he continued to regain consciousness, Andrew began to squirm about. To his surprise, he found that his entire body was bound tightly by some kind of rope. Something was wrapped tightly around his ankles, thighs, waist, chest... Even his arms were pinned to his side by these bindings. The rope-like material felt strangely soft, yet it was wrapped so incredibly tight that he could barely squirm. And, what’s worse, he could tell he was stark naked. Whatever he was lying on was damned cold, too.

Stranger still, Andrew felt a pair of soft, smooth legs draped over his shoulders, presumably those of a woman. His head was propped up on top of that woman’s groin; almost like he was giving her a piggy-back ride while the two of them were lying down. He tried to lift his head up, but found that it, too, was bound firmly in place between the legs of this woman.

This is no dream, he realized. What in the hell is going on?!

Again, he heard the soft voice of the woman with the peculiar accent. She was whispering now; it was almost too quiet to hear, but he could make out some of the words, “…beginning to wake… remember, the ritual…agreement from both… convince him.”

Andrew finally managed to lift his heavy eyelids. After a few blinks to clear and focus his eyes, he began to take in his surroundings. With his head firmly held in place, he could only see directly in front of him – straight at the ceiling. To his surprise, it seemed like he was in some sort of cave. The shadows of countless stalactites danced in what must have been the light of numerous candles or small fires. He tried in vain to glance to the left or right, but he couldn’t manage to budge his head against the tight binds.

His mouth and throat felt parched and dry. He coughed out several times before managing to weakly croak out, “Wh… where. What? What’s going on?”

“Oh, honey!” Andrew again recognized the voice of his girlfriend, “I’m so glad you’re awake! I was worried that you might not be awake to experience this with me!”

What the hell is she talking about!?

Andrew had been dating Jennifer for only three weeks now. Calling it ‘dating’ was a bit of a stretch to Andrew. For the past three weeks, Jennifer fawned over Andrew night and day. When they were apart, Jennifer would constantly call or text Andrew. She wanted to be with him every second of every day. Even when he went out to a party without her, she somehow managed to find him and invite herself along. To say she was obsessed with him was putting it mildly. Idly he pondered if she was crazy enough to kidnap him and tie him up like this. What exactly was she planning?

“Jen?” Andrew managed to weakly speak her name in between coughs, “Wha… what’s going on?”

“Oh honey, don’t worry! Everything is going to be just fine!"

What the hell is she talking about?! I’m tied up in some fucking cave and she’s saying everything is going to be fine?

Andrew tried his hardest to remember… how did he get here? What happened last night? Everything was a blur. It was so hard to remember! He was… was he with Jen? Yes, that’s it. He and Jen were together last night, in her bedroom. He vaguely remembered that last night he finally decided to break it off with Jennifer. She was too controlling. He felt smothered by her constant attention. The more he got to know her, the weirder she seemed. He was ready to move on and put her as far behind him as possible. He recalled that she took his rejection really hard… lots of crying. But, everything after that was a blur. How did he get here?

“Jen, please, what’s going on? Where are we? Why am I tied down?!” Andrew began to get a bit desperate. Something very strange was going on, and he didn’t want anything to do with it.

“Please, honey, just relax. I need you to trust me. Everything is going to be ok. From now on, everything will be ok!” As she finished the sentence, Andrew felt a slight squeeze from the two legs wrapped around his head. Was that Jennifer he was lying on top of? He was suddenly very aware at just how cold it was in this room. A brief breeze drew past his body, causing him to shiver. Or, maybe, it was the weird way she kept insisting that everything was ‘ok’ that caused him to shiver.

Just what the hell is she up to? She was avoiding his questions, he was sure of it. He was aware of the sound of footsteps echoing around the room. There were other people in here with them, but it was hard to tell how many due to the echoes.

Did she drug me or something?! She must have drugged me and then brought me here to do God knows what. What the hell is she planning?!
Andrew’s thinking was interrupted when he saw a face enter his field of view. A young woman with shoulder-length red hair slowly approached. He recognized her immediately. It was hard to forget that face… it was Jennifer’s new best friend, Cassie. Over the last week or so, Jennifer began to spend more and more time with Cassie, a super-attractive redhead. Cassie had a body to die for. A tight, shapely body. Big, round, peach-shaped ass. Massive breasts. Big, puffy lips. Perfect, unblemished skin. Andrew now recognized her as the second voice. She had a very strange accent. He always assumed she was an exchange student from some eastern European country. Whenever she was around, Andrew had a really difficult time resisting staring at her. Everything about Cassie was irresistible. Andrew’s plan had been to ask Cassie out once he broke up with Jen.

To Andrew’s surprise, Cassie was completely naked. However, Andrew had never seen Cassie like this… poking out of her forehead was a pair of long, curved horns. Almost like those on a ram. Sticking out from her back was a couple of large, folded bat wings, each tipped with wicked looking spines. And her eyes… she must have had some kind of special contact lenses in. Rather than her usual bright green eyes, her irises were pools of blazing orange surrounding slitted pupils. They almost looked like those of a cat or snake. Andrew assumed that all of these strange adornments were some kind of costume. Was she dressed up like some kind of demon? They all seemed extremely realistic. Any excitement Andrew had about finally seeing Cassie’s naked body was completely tempered by these strange features.

“Cassie? What’s going on? What are you two doing to me? Cass? Cass!”

As Cassie drew closer, Andrew tried in vain to get her attention. Cassie simply ignored him while she examined his and (presumably) Jennifer’s bodies. She moved her gaze up and down slowly, occasionally pausing to tug on the bindings that held Andrew in place. She had a distant, uncaring look in her eyes, like those of a scientist examining a routine specimen. Or like those of a predator eying up its next meal…

“Andrew, honey, please… you have to listen to me. I need you to trust me. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, but I need you to trust me. Ok? I know that you didn’t mean what you said last night. You’re just afraid of your feelings for me, and that’s ok! But, we’re in love! We were meant to be together! I know you feel it just like I do!”

Oh god. Andrew’s heart began to race. Something terribly wrong was going on here. He had no idea what Jen and Cass had planned, but he didn’t like it one bit. Did Jennifer go off the deep end when he tried to break up with her? What should he say? They weren’t going to hurt him, were they? Some kind of angry murder of passion?

“Please, Jen, just let me go. Let’s just talk about this! Just untie me, and we can go back to my dorm and we can talk about this and work it all out.”

“Honey, it’s ok, I understand you’re scared and confused. I was too, at first! But then I realized that we were meant to be together. It’s ok to be scared by how intense these feelings are. There’s nothing wrong with embracing our love for each other! I just need you to trust me this one time, and everything will be ok. Please, just let me know that you trust me.”

Holy hell, he thought, she really has snapped.

There was no way in hell that Andrew trusted Jennifer right now. But… what could he do? He was completely immobile in some kind of cave in god knows where. What the hell would they do to him if he said no? If he told Jen that he didn’t love her, that he never loved her, what the hell would they do next? Andrew shivered as he imagined Cassie with a knife, slowly cutting off his… No, best not to find out what they had planned, Andrew thought. He decided that he would just have to play along. After they finish… whatever it was that was going on here, he would go to the police and get a restraining order on her or something. Jennifer was always kind of an odd one, but he had no idea she was this crazy. He had to play along; it may be the only way to get out of here with all his parts intact.

“I… yes, yes Jen. Of course I trust you. I completely trust you! Now, let’s just get the hell out of here. Maybe go get some drinks or something?” Almost immediately after he finished saying the word “trust”, Andrew saw Cassie’s face turn from one of bored disinterest into a wicked, mischievous smile. In response, Andrew’s face contorted into one of concern and fear. He felt a ball of terror and fear well up in the pit of his stomach.

Oh god, what did I just agree to?!

“Oh, Andrew, I just knew you would understand! Oh, this is going to be wonderful! You’ll see! Now, we can be together forever! We’ll never be apart! Andrew, I love you so much!”

Andrew was just about to say something further when Cassie closed her eyes and whispered a single word, “Silentium…” As he opened his mouth to try to plea with his captors to let him go, he found that his voice had gone completely silent. He tried repeatedly to yell out something, anything, but nothing came out. Cassie turned her back to Andrew and began to speak to an unseen person or persons,

“Now that the second subject has given verbal consent, the ritual may proceed. As with most rituals of Narcissus, the exact words of consent are a bit…vague. You may find it prudent to cast a simple silence spell upon any reluctant subject so that they won’t be able to break their vow.”

Wait, what!? What did I just agree to?! Who is she talking to?! Why can’t I talk?!

Andrew redoubled his efforts to struggle against his bindings or yell out in protest, but he remained completely trapped and voiceless.

“Now, Rebecca, would you be so kind as to set up the mirror for the subjects? I’m sure they would love to bear witness to the procedure. Zachary, please assist me with the oil of Narcissus.”

It sounded like she was giving orders to more people. Andrew could hear footsteps and movement echoing in the cavern.

How many people are in here?! Why are they letting this happen!? Why won’t someone stop this!?

“Don’t worry Andrew, you’re going to be so happy once this is over!” Jennifer was trying hard to reassure Andrew, but her words only reaffirmed his belief that something terrible was about to happen.

From a distant part of the cavern, Andrew could hear the sound of something heavy being moved along the rough stone floor towards him. Again, he tried in vain to move his head. His curiosity didn’t last long. After the object came to a halt a couple feet from him, Andrew watched as a large, oblong mirror was positioned over his head. The mirror was held aloft by a series of rods connected to some kind of heavy base. Andrew caught a brief glimpse of a young woman with long black hair positioning the mirror; that must be Rebecca, he assumed. She angled the mirror so that he and Jennifer could fully see each other. Jennifer smiled in delight as she locked eyes with Andrew through the mirror.
The mirror allowed Andrew to confirm his suspicion that it was Jennifer’s legs wrapped tightly around his head. The two of them were both stripped completely naked on top of some sort of large, stone table. However, unlike Andrew, Jennifer had no ropes holding her in place. Instead, she eagerly looked about the room and watched whatever was being prepared. She smiled happily at Andrew and spoke more words of reassurance.

“Oh good, I’m so glad that you’ll be able to watch this happen. You’re going to love this. Just relax and enjoy it!”
As Andrew watched the mirror helplessly, he saw the top of Cassie’s head as she returned. Behind her, Andrew could see two other people, supposedly ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Zachary’. Zachary held some sort of large vase in his hands. Cassie leaned in and cupped Jennifer’s face in her hand while saying,

“My dear, I understand your excitement. Few mortals are given the opportunity to experience this. However, for the ritual to be successful, I need you to remain as still as possible.”

“Oh! Of course, Cassandra, I’m so sorry!” With that, Jennifer lay back down and remained silent.

“Do not fret, my dear. Just relax and enjoy the sensations,” she softly replied. Cassie’s voice was full of love and care towards Jennifer.

Andrew idly wondered why Jen had called her ‘Cassandra’. She had always referred to her as ‘Cassie’ before.

‘Cassandra’ turned around and faced the two other figures.

“Remember to ensure that the binding ropes are secured firmly before beginning the ritual. Any movement during the binding will cause blemishes in the subject’s final form that will be difficult to reshape.” Cassie reached towards the large vase in Zachary’s hands. From inside the vessel, she drew out a ladle full of some unknown liquid and held it up for the other two to see.

“For obvious reasons, it is important to keep the oil off of your own skin, lest you find your own form affected by the incantations. Rebecca, would you like to do the honors of applying the oil to the subject?”

“Of course, Mistress Cassandra.”

As the trio spoke, Andrew got the distinct impression that this Zachary and Rebecca were subordinates or students to Cassie. Just what in the hell were they talking about? Rituals? Incantations? Some kind of weird satanic bullshit, Andrew assumed. It certainly explained the weird costume Cassie had on.

Whatever, he thought. Let them do their silly little game. Once they untie me and let me out of here, I’ll make sure the police take them far, far away. Bunch of crazy bastards!

The trio approached Andrew and Jennifer on the table; Cassandra moving around to the other side to watch while Zachary and Rebecca performed whatever strange ritual they had planned. Slowly, Zachary drew the ladle out from the vase, lifted it over Andrew’s head, and began to pour its contents onto Jennifer’s legs. It was an oil of some kind; it almost seemed to have a golden glow to it as Zachary poured it out of the ladle. As it hit her bare skin, Jennifer let out a soft moan of pleasure. When the rivulets of oil dripped down from her legs and onto his neck, Andrew soon found out why she moaned so loudly. As soon as the oil touched his skin, it began to burn and tingle fiercely. It felt intensely hot, but also extremely pleasurable. If he could make noise, Andrew would have gasped at the feeling.

While Zachary slowly poured oil over Jennifer’s legs, Rebecca began rubbing and massaging it in. She had shiny, black, elbow-length gloves on. With care, Rebecca slowly spread the oil out over each inch of Jennifer’s legs. Jen moaned quietly, obviously enjoying the sensation immensely. As Andrew watched on the mirror, Rebecca and Zachary worked together to coat Jennifer’s legs from her waist down to her toes. Wherever the oil dripped off of Jen’s skin and onto Andrew’s, he felt that same burning sensation. Once they had finished coating Jen’s legs, they turned their attention to Andrew himself.

Zachary slowly ladled out a thin stream of the strange oil onto Andrew’s chest. The oil spread out and caused more and more of his body to feel that intense tingling sensation. Rebecca moved her hands from Jen’s legs onto Andrew’s chest, where she massaged the oil in with practiced ease. The warm, tingling sensation soon overwhelmed Andrew’s mind and made him forget all about his terror and confusion. Rebecca made sure to coat each and every square inch of Andrew’s body: underneath Jen’s legs (still draped over his shoulder), in between his pinned arms, and even underneath the bindings that held him in place. Having coated his chest, Rebecca then cupped a small handful of the oil and began to coat Andrew’s face. He was too lost in the bizarrely erotic pleasure from the oil to try to protest.

The two strangers continued slowly coating Andrew’s body from head to toe. After covering all of Andrew’s head and neck, they moved down towards his legs. Andrew closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the pleasure of the sensation. His eyes shot open, however, when he felt the burning liquid suddenly dribble onto his bare cock. Zachary slowly drizzled the oil from the tip of Andrew’s cock down to the base of his scrotum. The sensation alone was intensely pleasurable, but then Rebecca grabbed his member with her gloved hands and began to massage the oil onto his manhood. The impromptu hand job was over all too soon. Rebecca was all business and had no interest in pleasuring Andrew. After coating it thoroughly, she moved her hands from Andrew’s now erect cock to his thighs. The two strangers continued their task with a detached professionalism. Beside the enjoyable sensations, there was little eroticism in the massage that Andrew was receiving. But, he enjoyed the feeling all the same. If this is all that they had planned for him, maybe he shouldn’t be so mad, he decided. Soon, all of Andrew’s body, head to toe, was burning and tingling pleasurably.

Andrew’s mind was swimming in pleasure, so he barely heard Cassandra when she returned to speaking with her subordinates,
“Well done. It is important to coat all areas that will be molded by the ritual. A potent aphrodisiac in the oil provides the added benefit of keeping any reluctant subject placid. Now, with the oil of Narcissus applied, we can begin the incantations.”

Andrew’s mind was too detached to be concerned by what Cassandra had said. A small part of his mind was actually looking forward to what they planned on next. He hoped it would be as pleasurable. When Cassandra started chanting strange, foreign words, Andrew barely noticed them,
“Narcissus Apotheotic… reforma muto corpero sigiliumus…”

Andrew was still reveling in the sensations of the oil as Cassandra chanted. It wasn’t until he felt a peculiar sensation along the back of his head that he opened his eyes to see what was happening. Andrew’s eyes opened in shock and confusion by what he saw in the mirror: his head was literally sinking into Jennifer’s body! With a distinct sucking sensation, he felt his head sink down into Jennifer’s crotch. Like a heavy rock sinking into mud, Jennifer’s flesh spread out and coated his head as it slowly sank down. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s legs began to likewise flow into Andrew’s body. Inch by inch, Jennifer’s legs sunk into his chest. The sensation was unlike anything Andrew had ever known. It felt like he was made out of clay, and Jennifer’s legs were slowly melting into his body! The sensation wasn’t painful, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant.

Andrew tried again in vain to struggle out of his bonds, but he now found that it was not only the ropes holding him in place. As his head continued to sink into his girlfriend’s body, her flesh began to rise up over his ears and hold him in place. Soon, his ears were covered by the encroaching flesh, muffling the sounds of Cassandra’s continued chanting. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s legs had almost completely melted into Andrew’s body. The only traces left of her legs were her toes, which barely poked out of his stomach. Soon, they too melted and flowed into his body until no trace remained. To his horror, Andrew felt the last of his head sink into Jennifer’s body. Finally, it settled into its new position and the sucking sensation stopped.

Andrew looked in horror at what had just happened. Jennifer and Andrew had literally melted and merged together to form one, long, continuous body. Andrew’s face was set in place amongst a long expanse of flesh that combined Jennifer’s waist to Andrew’s shoulders. He could no longer move or even feel anything from his arms up, everything had been absorbed into the long column of flesh that connected the two of them. Andrew could only dart his eyes back in forth in horror. Even though his head was now buried in Jennifer’s flesh, he could still hear the muffled sound of Cassandra’s chanting. As she continued her incantation, Andrew could feel the strange ‘flowing’ sensation returning again; this time along his arms and legs.

He watched helplessly as the gap between his arms and torso slowly flowed together. Starting at his armpits, the gap slowly sealed itself, until his arms were literally fused to his body. What were once his arms and hands were now just a pair of strange bulges running along his torso. Next, the sensation centered along his legs. Underneath his scrotum, he could see the flesh between his legs stretch and merge. His legs slowly flowed together from his hips down to his feet, until they were one. Even his toes melted together, leaving his feet looking like the bent end of a long, fat, fleshy tail.

Confusion and fear cleared Andrew’s mind of any and all rational thought. This was no joke. Cassandra was wearing no costume. This isn’t some kind of bullshit prank. This was all entirely real.

Unfortunately, the process did not end there. Andrew could feel strange sensations spread all over his body, especially around his head. Inside of its fleshy prison, he could feel his head begin to merge with Jennifer’s body. He could feel his skull deteriorate and dissolve. With an odd crunching sensation, he felt his spine extend and wind its way up the expanse of flesh between his body and Jen’s, until the two of them shared one spine. The sensation of his skeleton warping and twisting continued to spread down his body. The bones of his arms, hands, legs and feet also began to dissolve. His spine continued snapping, crunching and expanding as it traveled down his merged legs until it reached the tip. From the top of Jen’s head down to his former feet, Andrew and Jennifer were now one long, fleshy snake-like creature. The only blemishes along the length of Jennifer’s new body were Andrew’s face and his genitals. Andrew’s mind reeled in terror at the sight he saw in the mirror; while Jennifer’s face was one of intense curiosity and excitement.

The sound of Cassandra’s muffled chanting continued to fade until Andrew could no longer hear anything. His head, along with his ears, had been fully absorbed by Jennifer’s body. In horror, Andrew found the sensation of his body slowly drifting away, until he could no longer feel anything. All that was left of his body was a terrified face set in the long expanse of flesh that made up Jennifer’s new snake-like body.
Meanwhile, Cassandra finished the incantation. She moved over to the merged couple and slowly ran a hand down Jennifer’s new body while smiling, pleased with her work.

“Excellent, a successful merge. Please, Jennifer, try to move your new tail.”

Eagerly, Jennifer sat up and examined her new tail-like body. Tentatively, she twisted and flexed her new, elongated spine and found that she could move it all the way to the very tip. She giggled in glee at the sensation.

“Perfect, the nervous system of the primary subject has fully acquired control over the flesh of the secondary subject. The oil of Narcissus has been fully absorbed into the flesh, so the subjects are now safe to touch. Now that the merger is complete, we can remove the ropes of binding and begin the second part of the ritual. Zachary? Rebecca? If you would be so kind.”

Cassandra gestured at the ropes that covered Andrew’s former body, now taut and unnecessary. Cassandra’s two assistants came around and began to untie the silken ropes. Andrew’s eyes were still wide and darted about, trying in vain to communicate with the outside world.

Suddenly, Jennifer gasped in surprise,

“Oh! I think… I think I heard Andrew! I-I can sense him!” Jennifer’s smile broadened into one of pure joy.

“Yes, your connection with Andrew will continue to grow now that the merger is complete. As your minds continue to meld together, he will eventually be able to communicate with you directly mentally. Until then, you will probably get random sensations of his mood or any intense thoughts. It will take some time to adjust."

“Oh, Andrew, isn’t it wonderful? We’re going to be together as one from now on! We’ll never be apart!”

Without ears, Andrew had no idea what Cassandra had said. Somehow, to his surprise, he could clearly hear Jennifer. He tried again to speak, to try to plea with Jennifer to make this all stop, but he found that he could no longer even push breath out of his mouth. He began to panic when he realized that he couldn’t even breathe anymore! That panic was slowly replaced with terror when he realized that he no longer needed to breathe anymore.

“Honey, don’t be afraid! You’ll get used to this all soon, I promise. From now on, we’ll be together and everything will be all right.”

"Wait, can she hear me?! Jennifer! Jennifer, please, if you can hear me, make this all stop! Have them turn me back! I don’t want this!!"

Jennifer seemed not to hear him. Instead, she simply admired her new body and reached down to stroke her hand gently over Andrew’s face.
Meanwhile, Cassandra’s assistants had finished removing the strange silk ropes that had previously held Andrew in place.

“Good, good. Now, we can begin to reshape the subject’s flesh into the desired form. Rebecca, Zachary - your fleshcrafting skills should be more than sufficient to shape the subject. Please begin.”

Through the mirror, Andrew could see that Cassandra had just spoken with her two assistants; but, again, he found that he could no longer hear anything besides Jennifer’s voice. Afraid and helpless, all Andrew could do was watch in the mirror as Cassandra’s two students moved into position and began to massage Jennifer’s new, elongated body.

Zachary began to massage the flesh around Andrew’s face, alternating between stretching and pushing the skin. A strange, blue light began to emanate from around his hands as he massaged the flesh. As he continued his massaging, the skin underneath his hands began to take on a green hue. Confused and afraid, Andrew watched as Zachary seemingly transfigured the flesh under his hands into a series of green scales. As he moved his hands, the skin underneath continued to transform into the smooth, shiny scales of a snake.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s attention was focused over Andrew’s former genitalia. Rebecca began pressing firmly with both hands onto his former balls and cock. The same blue energy that coated Zachary’s hands also enveloped Rebecca’s hands. Andrew found that he could no longer feel anything aside from the skin around his face, but apparently Jennifer could feel every inch of her new body, including his former genitalia.

“Oh wow, that feels really nice! Kind of a shame that that won’t be sticking around, I’ve always wondered how it felt…”
With a lewd grin, Cassandra responded,

“Well, we can always do some temporary modifications later on, my love.”

Jennifer smiled and giggled at Cassandra before gasping in pleasure again at the sensations on her new body. Meanwhile, Andrew could only watch in terror as his former genitals were forcibly pushed into Jennifer’s body. When Rebecca removed her hands from the spot, no trace of his former manhood remained; in its place was just another flat expanse of flesh along Jennifer’s new tail.

Rebecca and Zachary continued their ministrations for several minutes, coating Andrew’s former body with smooth, green scales and reshaping it into a long, sinuous snake’s tail. The two assistants molded his body as if it were clay, pushing in and smoothing out the bulges that used to be his arms. They stretched out his former legs and feet into a long, tapered end. Soon, the only hint that the long, scaled tail that stretched out of Jennifer’s hips was once her boyfriend was the confused and scared face sitting just below her waist.

Cassandra approached Jennifer’s new tail and slowly stroked her hands over the smooth scales. With a happy nod, Cassandra seemed to approve of her assistant’s work.

“Yes, very well done. How do you like it Jennifer?”

Jennifer propped herself up and looked down at her new tail. Her face beamed with joy and excitement as she looked over her new body.

“Oh, it’s beautiful! I love it so much!” With a giggle, Jennifer wriggled and twisted her new tail. “I’m sure Andrew will come to love it, too.”

"What?! No, I will NOT come to love this! I don’t want this at all! Jennifer, please, PLEASE, make this stop!"

“Mm… don’t worry dear. There’s no reason to be upset. Just remember that the two of us will be together forever now.” She paused to giggle for a second, “I think you’re going to really like the next part.”

"…What? What do you mean, ‘next part’!? Jennifer?!"

Andrew couldn’t tell if Jen had heard him or not, she simply giggled and smiled coyly at the face attached to her tail.

“Indeed, we are ready for the final modifications. Which of you would like the honors of finishing the ritual?” Cassandra asked her two assistants.

Rebecca and Zachary looked at each other and whispered amongst themselves. After a few seconds, Rebecca spoke up, “I’ll do it, Mistress Cassandra.”

“Good, good. Please proceed.”

Cassandra smiled happily and stood back. With excitement in her face, Rebecca approached what remained of Andrew. For a moment, she stood back and cocked her head back and forth while looking at his face. In desperation, Andrew tried to mouth out words to Rebecca, pleading for mercy and an end to this bizarre transformation. Rebecca ignored his silent pleas and continued to study his face, like a sculptor mentally picturing the final form of a block of marble.

After a few moments, Rebecca seemed satisfied and began her work. Again, her hands were enveloped in a soft blue light as she placed them onto Andrew’s face. He again felt the alien sensation of his skin becoming malleable when she placed her hands upon his cheeks. No matter how much he stared into her eyes and attempted to get her to pay attention to him, she completely ignored him.

Rebecca’s first action was to massage and press in on Andrew’s face. The last remnants of his cheeks and chin were firmly smoothed out before she moved on to his nose. With similar ease, she pushed in and smoothed out his nose. Andrew watched the mirror in horror as she sculpted his face, removing the last traces of his identity.

Pleased with the removal of his chin, cheek and nose, Rebecca moved her hands to Andrew’s lips. In one last act of defiance, Andrew attempted to bite onto her hands. But, without the ability to move his face, Rebecca easily grasped his lips while giggling softly at the futile attempt. Like wet clay, she easily stretched and sculpted his mouth. To Andrew’s confusion, unlike the rest of his face, she apparently had other ideas for what to do with his mouth. Instead of smoothing out and flattening his them, she instead grabbed his lips and twisted them around until his mouth rested vertically under his eyes. She paused a brief moment to ensure she was happy with the positioning of his mouth before continuing.

Rebecca leaned over Andrew’s face to closely scrutinize his mouth as she reshaped it. This blocked his view of his mouth, leaving him fearful and anxious as to what she was turning it into. For a long time she stretched, pulled, pushed and rubbed his lips to get them into the desired form. As she worked, Andrew began to notice a strange sensation emanating from his mouth. Aside from the alien sensation of Rebecca reshaping it, he began to experience a tingling, pleasurable sensation from his mouth. To his confusion, it almost felt… erotic. The sensation continued to grow in intensity as she rubbed over his lips and reshaped them. Oddly, it almost felt like someone massaging his penis.
Suddenly, Rebecca inserted a finger into Andrew’s mouth. The sensation was incredible! Like the rubbing of his lips, the feeling of her finger being inserted into his mouth felt intensely erotic and pleasurable. As she wiggled her finger around inside his mouth, he felt his tongue and teeth slowly recede and dissolve. He could feel his mouth begin to get tighter and smaller, until it felt like her finger was completely filling his mouth. Jennifer moaned out loud and commented on the procedure,

“Mmm, yes. I knew you would like this part baby. Just relax and enjoy the sensation. There is much more to come.”

As scared as he was, Andrew couldn’t help but feel incredibly aroused at the feelings centered around his mouth. In particular, the sensation of Rebecca’s finger inside his mouth felt bizarrely arousing. Andrew began to feel a strange desire to have Rebecca insert an additional finger into his mouth. He wanted it to be stretched out and filled. To his dismay, she instead pulled her finger out of his mouth and sat back to admire her work. Although Andrew couldn’t hear what she said, she turned to Cassandra and spoke,

“There, how does that look?”

Cassandra and Zachary then leaned in and examined Andrew’s new face. Now, with Rebecca’s head out of his view, Andrew could finally see in the mirror what it was that she had done with his mouth. If it were still possible, what he saw would have made him scream.

He instantly recognized what she had transformed his mouth into… Rebecca had twisted and reshaped his mouth into a vagina. Jennifer’s vagina. He instinctively tried to scream out but all he could do was cause the lips of his new pussy-mouth to twitch slightly. Meanwhile, the rest of the group gathered around and examined his changed mouth with calm, detached scrutiny.

“Hm… not bad. However, I believe that the clitoris could use a little work,” Cassandra calmly stated before leaning in. Her face loomed over Andrew’s face, again blocking his view of the mirror. He looked into her striking orange eyes and knew immediately: this creature was no human. Cassandra caught a glimpse of Andrew’s eyes looking at her in terror and grinned wickedly. She pressed her face close to his and slowly moved her mouth so that he could read her lips. He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like she said, “She deserved better than you.” As she began to continue reshaping his face, he could clearly see maliciousness in her eyes.

Then he again felt the tingling sensation of fingers forcibly reshaping his mouth. This time, Cassandra’s attentions focused on the upper part of his lips. The pleasurable sensation of his new pussy lips being rubbed caused him to moan internally. Suddenly, however, the sensation seemed to intensify tenfold. Andrew’s eyes bulged out in shock while Jennifer moaned out loud in pleasure. Andrew knew immediately what had just happened: Cassandra had created a clitoris at the top of his lips. Cassandra gave the nub of Andrew and Jennifer’s shared clitoris a few good rubs while giggling at the look on Andrew’s face.

Cassandra leaned back again and turned to her apprentices, “Overall, well done Rebecca. With practice, the only limits of your fleshcrafting will be your imagination.”

“Thank you, Mistress Cassandra,” Rebecca replied, blushing slightly at the compliment.

“Now, Zachary, would you like the honors of completing the process?”

Zachary simply grinned and nodded, eager to get another chance to show off his skills. Andrew was still examining his new pussy-mouth in the mirror when Zachary loomed overhead and blocked the view again. With his hands glowing, Zachary held them aloft over Andrew’s eyes before slowly bringing them down. Andrew immediately knew what was about to happen.

"No… no! Don’t take my eyes! No, please, don’t do this! Jennifer, please! PLEASE! Don’t let them do this!"

If Jennifer could hear him, she made no indication of it… Andrew instinctively closed his eyelids as Zachary’s hands brushed against his eyelashes. To his horror, Andrew felt that strange fluid sensation once again over his eyes. After only a few seconds, the pressure ceased and Andrew found he could no longer open his eyes… he no longer had eyes. He could no longer see. He could no longer hear. The only sensations he would experience from now on would be the intense feelings of pleasure emanating from the pussy that used to be his mouth. From now on, his only companion would be Jennifer. Just as she promised, they would be together forever.


Cassandra smiled at her apprentices. They both were very promising students, she thought. They’ll go far.

“Well done, Zachary. That completes the ritual. Two subjects have now become one. As you progress in your fleshcrafting studies, you will learn more advanced techniques, such as how to bind multiple subjects together, the process of binding unwilling subjects together, and even how to take the flesh of others and sculpt it onto your own. For now, reflect on what you have learnt today and continue your studies on the harem. I have a new prospective recruit that may be joining soon. If you continue to please me, I will let the two of you experiment on her without restraint to test your creativity.”

With that, Zachary and Rebecca exchanged excited grins and bowed to their leader. They hurried out of the cavern, eagerly chatting about the latest ritual. After the two of them left, Cassandra turned her attention to Jennifer. Jen was eagerly exploring her new body. She managed to coil up her new tail around her body and was gently stroking her hand over the smooth scales. Occasionally she whispered words to her former lover and current vagina. Cassandra smiled approvingly. The new naga would make an excellent member of her harem. The combination of two humans into one vessel would provide her with twice the essence. Cassandra cooed to herself quietly as she imagined the amount of powerful essence she’d be able to extract Jennifer every night.

Jen caught Cassandra examining her new body and smiled mischievously. Carefully, she eased her new body off of the large stone altar.

“Mmm… I can never thank you enough for this gift. It’ll take Andrew some time to come around and learn to love his new purpose, but I think we’ll be happy together. And it’s all thanks to you, my love. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?”

Cassandra smiled happily and cupped her hand along Jennifer’s cheek,

“This was my gift to you my dear, you owe me nothing. All that I ask is that you enjoy your new body and be happy.” She paused momentarily and pondered something, “However… there are certain things we can do that might be mutually enjoyable if you stay here with me…” Cassandra winked and smiled lewdly to her lover. The two embraced and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Mmm… What did you have in mind?” Jen asked with a giggle.

Cassandra grinned and pushed away from the comforting embraced of her newest concubine. She closed her eyes and concentrated before chanting the strange words of an incantation. As she spoke the words, a blue aura slowly formed around Cassandra’s exposed nethers. The misty aura grew thicker and concentrated as it took shape. Jen watched in rapt fascination as the aura grew brighter and solidified. Then, slowly, the aura faded, revealing certain new additions to Cassandra’s body. Jen smiled and blushed at the sight. Hanging heavily between Cassandra’s legs was an enormous new phallus with matching testicles. Over 10” in length, and extremely thick, it was well beyond the size of anything Jennifer had ever seen before. The flattened tip and medial ring hinted at its equine nature. The massive scrotum hanging behind was also obviously not human in nature.

“Oh… oh wow,” Jennifer stammered at the sight of Cassandra’s new genitals. Cassandra hefted the heavy length in one of her hands and began to stroke it slowly. She grinned lewdly at Jennifer.

“Ready to try out your new body?”

Jennifer could only grin eagerly in reply. This was the start of a whole new life.

Meanwhile, Andrew felt his new mouth grow hot and wet. He, too, was about to experience the start of a whole new life.
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Re: The Pact - A Fleshcult Short Story

Postby jackoekaki » Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:43 am

Some very imaginative body horror there. I have to admit that I under-conceptualised merging, (it was added to the game primarily to solve mechanical problems) so it's cool to see someone working out the details.
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