other games like this one

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other games like this one

Postby whocares916 » Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:45 am

does any 1 know of other web based text games like this one
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Re: other games like this one

Postby StrangelyCompelling » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:30 am

I don't know if I'd say its exactly the same, but it was my enjoyment of Corruption of Champions by Fenoxo

They are both sex based text games
There are a lot of similarities, but one difference is that FC mostly has you control more resources, where as CoC has a more RPG style, where you can gain powers and skills though fighting and other experiences.

The basic plot is that you are a hero/sacrifice that's tossed into a demon world. From there, there are quite a few options - you can embrace transformations and corruption, or try and stay pure of them. You can aid the folk who are trying to eek out a living, or help demons corrupt them. You can defend yourself physically, or with seduction. There are equipment, outfits, crafting, etc

Although, no matter how many times you sexually defeat an opponent in CoC, you never bring them home to become your slave, though you can get various companions through the game, you never really have to manage them, and some are exclusive to each other

one of the strongest recommendations I would make for CoC is the intensely written sexual scenes

A warning is that it has a strongly furry background, with transformations including horse [centaur], cow [minotaur], bird [harpy], snake [naga], bee, spider [drider], wolf, hyena [gnolls], dragon, sharks, and cat

of course, others include clit, cunt, ass, balls, dick, and breast growth, nullification, and multiplication, as well as demonic, goblin, slimes, and tentacles

although many transformations, if heavily pursued, will result in a [usually 'bad'] end game

here is a sex scene of a plain human woman losing to a tentacle beast

The beast rears up to reveal a beak-like maw. It opens its massive jaws to reveal a tongue shaped like a large cock while its tongue, like any tentacle, immediately seeks out your defenseless pussy. It prods itself mockingly around your labia as you attempt to contract to keep it from violating you and depriving you of what dignity you have left. The creature flexes its appendage and easily forces its way into your vagina. As you cry out in shock, another dick-shaped appendage forces its way into your throat. The beast takes care to prevent you from choking on its limb.

In a coordination that can only signify higher intelligence, the monster fucks your loose fuck-hole and mouth and begins milking your swollen breasts and sucks your throbbing clit. Your very loose cunt painfully stretches, the lips now wide enough to gape slightly. Your body betrays your resistance as pleasure hammers you from crotch to head. After some time, you begin bucking your hips in tandem to the creature's thrusts, drunk with pleasure. As you peak for your orgasm, you feel the creature bottom out inside your womb. Oceans of hot cum flood your very loose muff and your mouth. You are being inseminated by the abomination, but you do not care. The fucking is too good. The hot, musky fluids pour into your mouth. The taste crushes your last bit of resistance and you NEED MORE, not just to swallow, but to devour with your womb. You manage to free one hand, only to grasp the tentacle in your mouth to coax more semen inside you. You feel your stomach distend from the amount of cum you greedily swallow. The beast floods you with more cum than you can handle and proceeds to soak you from head to toe in its fluids as it runs from your overwhelmed orifices.
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Re: other games like this one

Postby WonderGamer » Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:55 am

Seeing as this is apparently being allowed (I guess it's only fair seeing as I heard of Fleshcult on the No Reply forums; otherwise I wouldn't have even known about this game), there's also Brothel S.im. There's at least images included in this one, but the majority of the game is still reading.
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Re: other games like this one

Postby divalover » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:02 am

Just to add, EuphorianTide (euphoriantide.com) is similar. It is an action/adventure game in the designers created world. It is text based but does have an avatar pic on the equipment screen that lets you see your transformations in game (right now you can turn from male to female to herm and also has other wild mutations like arachnid, etc.) It is still in Beta but fun for a few hours. Looking for more games like it lead me here.
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Re: other games like this one

Postby willpell » Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:05 pm

I discovered Fleshcult because it was listed as an inspiration on a little game called Sabbat which someone linked me to. Sabbat is a much smaller game than FC; I played it eight times in an afternoon and was pretty much finished with it forever, but that was a good afternoon indeed. The game is about turning yourself into a demon by mutating your five body parts into five different animal shapes, so there are 120 possible combinations, but every scene uses one of the five parts to inform the text, so playing the game 120 times would basically be 24 repetitions of the same scenes, just in different sequences. Still, until you've seen all five versions of each scene (and a few more slight variations, like deciding whether to play the bloody or cruelty-free versions of the game, or stumbling upon the extremely-obvious bad ending), it's an amusing way for people (who aren't Christians, but I assume neither are most of the players of this game) to kill a few hours. You get transformed into this demon, then you go out and find two people, kill one of them and get friendly with the other one, and then you go on a rampage and destroy Capitalism. The scenes along the way are extensive and pretty well-written (as long as you don't mind an extremely snarkastic tone), and most of them are governed by a body part transformation, so there are five different versions of each moment in the game (though the variants are largely cosmetic). It's a cute little game.
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