Horror Meter for the Player

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Horror Meter for the Player

Postby Shadow Knight » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:40 am

So I was struck with an idea: I remembered you were working on Angels (though this idea can also work for a new holy-type NPC, like Paladin or Priest), so I thought: taking inspiration from the old myths of religious icons/powers keeping evil creatures at bay/making them flee, why not have an NPC that spends mana (like the sorcerers) to raise the player's Horror meter? If the player's Horror meter fills up, they flee in panic before they can finish their seduction.

To counter this, have the Illusion spell (only in these cases) unfold into a submenu like Fuck or Cast Loosen, giving you the choice to cast Illusion on the mortal as normal, or on yourself to abate your own fear.

These NPCs could easily be endgame, since you have to handle their horror, your own, and the regular seduction process, requiring a large mana pool and plenty of combat experience.
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