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Class leveling system

Postby Zurg » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:55 pm

I know that it is too much for the database right now but :
I would like seeing a new class system for followers, it would be funnier to have a system similar to FFX, where you buy nodes from xp given to the slave from acolytes.
Nodes could be researched, acquired, removed or even blocked, it would allow multiclass followers and you could set a limit on how much nodes can be bought, however it would allows more complexity late game.
As for class for having coded a bit in different games I would say they can be categorized :

resources and money making:
resources and item crafting:
room acquisition, improvement and upgrading :
other followers or npc recruiting/breeding :
followers boosting (single training or multi followers boost, also if tiredness is in the game, they often heal them):
infiltration and offense:
security external and internal :
research (new items, new rooms, new upgrades, new summonings):

A lot can be made with npc, lets say you can capture monsters, then you can merge slaves/followers with them to create specialized monster-followers, organic rooms, etc.

This however demand more game mecanics, but it have the advantage to allow for more complex gameplay particulary later on.
Even for PVP armies of followers, where both try recruiting/killing the other's followers.
Or coop, where both put resources in a campaign.
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