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Balance/Game progression issues

Postby Mrschmoe » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:23 pm

I restarted my game today because I wanted to try out all of the new changes to the game. After playing for a short time I noticed that there are some balance issues that I think should be addressed. For instance if you are reasonably good at the seduction meta game, able to recruit a minion in 1 to 2 sessions you will easily have your lair filled and minimal upgrades done to any of your minions around turn 25-30. In addition because of the limits placed on the minions you recruit at the beginning of the game (the 2 upgrade limit on the first batch of potential recruits) there is little point in spending upgrade time on those minions if you are just going to replace them with a different one later on. Just from a straight min/max perspective there is almost no need to recruit any research assistants except to fill the last two spots in your lair around turn 30 when you finally have minions that are worth upgrading. (Concubines that can have up to 8 upgrades and beasts with 120% to beast multiplier) I understand the original need to limit upgrades on minions since you could generate lots of mana easily with just the first 4 minions you seduced and then adding every upgrade available. However I think the cap on upgrades has created a different problem in that the upgrade part of the game has been minimized until you obtain minions worth upgrading in mid to late game.

To help fix this I really think there needs to be some other tasks that the PC can engage in other than recruiting minions on the surface. You have to go to the surface to advance the game to the next turn and since a reasonably competent player should be able to fill their lair by turn 25-30 after that point the only reason to visit the surface is to replace all of the minions you have that are not max level. (this task can be boring and repetitive as well since you are just redoing everything you already did earlier on) Also there is very little interaction with your minions after you recruit them and no incentive to upgrade them until you get to the best minions in mid to late game.

To mitigate this would it be possible to add additional tasks that the PC can engage in that will advance the turn to the next day other than visiting the surface? How about the ability to have sex with your minions? You could use the exact same seduction interface and the better you play the more mana they will make that turn. In addition if you interact with them enough it could improve their "level" and give them access to more upgrades. This would resolve several issues, the need to continuously replace minions with the better versions available, remove the necessity to visit the surface every turn to progress the game and increase the importance of upgrading minions right from the start of the game. As it is now even when you have a lair full to the maximum you still have to visit the surface and quickly fail the seduction game to get to the next day. With these changes the number of upgrades per minion could be uncapped again, and this would allow the player to customize their minions in the manner they desire and gradually increase their mana production over time the longer you have them. (the speed of "leveling" the minions could easily be tuned to keep mana production in check) Since you would be keeping your minions and leveling them the need for upgrades is much more important right from the start.
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