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Regarding Ads

Postby WonderGamer » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:22 pm

Just a thought, how about adding links to games that are classified as adult? There are plenty of adult advertisement affiliates out there with some very good games in them, even ones that classified themselves as 18+, but not entirely AO.

The number of "18+ only" game ads I see on Facebook really is sickening, because I rarely see any that are actually as such (most of them are false advertising), so I would consider using that & start posting those games on this site as a result of those ads; maybe they'll change their tune when their games start showing up on erotic sites.

The company I'm a part of has a requirement of some adult ads because we're hosted over the FriendFinder network (although the site itself doesn't allow adult content; not exactly the best match), although we try to keep those ads at least somewhat mild given the majority of our users are children & the majority of them as gaming-related due to being a gaming site. I might be able to find out what ad service they're using & get back to you.

I can't exactly say I agree with the method of using our gaming preferences in Fleshcult for the ads is the best method. I tend to like to switch things up:
  • I'm male, but sometimes like to play as female in the game.
  • My sexual preference is straight.
  • When I'm playing male, I prefer female-only partners in the game.
  • When I'm playing female, I don't really have a preference on what partners I have.
  • I like to randomize my options when I play games, so a good amount of the time the options I using in the game are not even what my sexual preferences are.
If you are going to take the options route in regards to ads, I suggestion creating a secondary preferences option that can be set on your account directed at ads rather than using the game settings.
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Re: Regarding Ads

Postby WonderGamer » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:48 pm

Uh, yeah... Okay, so apparently it doesn't matter what your characters gender is, if you choose males as your targets, you're going to get dicks thrown in front of your face. I unfortunately can't tolerate that kind of stuff, so based on the current settings, I have 4 options:
  • Make sure I ONLY have females targeted when I play.
  • Block images from those sites.
  • Pay the fee to get them removed.
  • Simply stop playing the game & move onto another site.
I hate to say it, but basing what ads you see based on what preferences you have in the game was an extremely bad idea. I am either going to have to take my leave from the game or block the images until this system has been revised. I can't really say limiting my sexual preference to just females is an ethical solution when I'm playing a succubus & I won't pay a fee to get the ads removed, although I was intending on getting the unlimited characters in the future. So whether I decide to even go that far now is going to depend on what happens with the ad system.
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Re: Regarding Ads

Postby jackoekaki » Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:27 am

Hmm, I'm surprised to hear you're seeing dicks while playing a straight succubus. This will pull ads from two sources: JuicyAds in the hardcore/hentai category and Chaturbate cams from couples (Seeing as the only thing I can infer from the options is that you're probably into hetero sex, but don't know your gender). I'd guess some of the couples feeds only have a dude visible at some point. I think I will need an ad preference, but I won't have time to add that until the new year.

Note: If you have transgender minions enabled, you'll see transgender camgirls in the ads.

Copied my response from your blog comment:
I’m not operating under the assumption that I’d be able to tell whether a straight succubus or incubus represents a straight man or a woman. I think I’d need an option, it’s just that it’s a moot point at the moment until I have better ad networks.

(The whole reason the game’s written in 3rd person even though it’d be more conventional for a game to use 2nd person, is that I wanted players to be able to identify with either the protagonist or the mortal in a scene as a submissive or a sort of disembodied viewer. Not sure how successful I’ve been, it doesn’t seem to outweigh the fact you’re in the driver’s seat for the protagonist)
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