More understated transformation options

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More understated transformation options

Postby pang » Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:34 am

Hi there,

I like the fact that this game has so many transformations tailoring to many fetishes, but I also feel like there should be a range of visually less extreme ones for those of us who aren't into some of the fetishes but also want to build effective characters. Options are all well and fine, but by the mid to late game you and your minions can sometimes get really out there in looks after all their upgrades, which I find can be somewhat of a turnoff.

Here are a few less extreme options I came up with. I hope something like it can be incorporated.

Hypnotic (lust)/Soulbound (mana) rings, earrings, amulets, belly piercing
Silk/hemp/steel bondage straps (with accompanying fluff text clearly showing it's consensual)
Muscular physique (base lust or more mana on orgasm)
Arousing/Calming pheromones
Dazzling/animated hair
acidic/poisonous/stimulant/numbing saliva or bodily fluids, maybe injected by fangs, the stinger upgrade, or as new lactating options
Demonic (mana)/innocent (horror limit)/seductive (min lust) face

Anyway, I really like the game so far and look forward to future updates.
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