Useless ideas you'll never implement.

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Useless ideas you'll never implement.

Postby Vintrion » Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:42 am

Rare shop event to upgrade/modify minion. While an open-access shop would break the game, when you've reached end-game there simply isn't anything else worth buying. Being able to spend exhorbant amounts of mana with little return from their effective upgrades would be a way to alleviate that. The most I can think of is demon-surgeon as horrific as surgery implies.

hidden agenda: I'm grumpy the odds of getting additional transformative in beasts effects are low. Inhumanly long hair all the things.

While I'm on the subject, I feel as though apprentices should get their own unique transformations that at least would be beneficial if they become beasts/sluts. In addittion, apprentices could have some semblance of personality considering they're there to learn, Sluts/Beasts get a free pass since they live to fuck and die.

PC-Dick/Genital upgrade subcategories like beaded, tentacle, or constantly-dripping. More transformation options that aren't straight-up upgrades and instead trade-offs to preserve balance and possibly fuck-over your plans to balance the game instead. A tiny sissy-dick that gives increased horror limit instead of lust due to how pathetic it looks for example. Trap-like upgrades in general would be boss. A depressing lack of hips and butts in fleshcult as well.

Too niche to consider: Toss unwanted minions into traps for semi-dynamic events. Mainly glossing over their bodytype and describing the lustful effects of whatever they're in.


No height. it creates a lot of situations in dynamic writing that is physically impossible when you make a person a midget or giant, and would then require you to rewrite or remove those specific events.
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Re: Useless ideas you'll never implement.

Postby willpell » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:06 pm

Vintrion wrote:I feel as though apprentices should get their own unique transformations that at least would be beneficial if they become beasts/sluts.

I agree with this. I wish apprentices were on the Lab screen with all other minions, and you could modify them somehow. As it is, they're just names on the Diary screen with a number next to them, and that's totally boring, and feels like a waste of all the effort you invested in seducing them, since you can't read their decision or customize them or even change their names. I could see giving them their own transformations, like Enlarged Brain or Hyper-Sensitive Eyes or whatever, but of course that'd be a step beyond what I consider semi-necessary.
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