More Merging+lab planning

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More Merging+lab planning

Postby ztztzt39 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:15 pm

I would like to create the ultimate beast through merging. The problem is that you can merge only 3 times (4 if you merge a two times merged and a one time merged). So max, you can merge 5 people together. If you take always 9 mutated conubines (Though, I don't know where they are, never found any), you need 4 (There is 28 mutations). It leaves only one for the beast, and the beasts have a lot of mutations possible.

Lab planning: For now, you can only make your lab doing more than one transormation if the transformations follow. Please, make that you can plan tasks, so you don't waste your research points. (It's especially frustrating when you do the anal training since there is only one level)

Finally, I thought of a tome: The Tome of Wide Hips (or something like that): Small bonus in lust, but especially, allow you to have huge balls+ vagina (For you and your minions)
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