Seduction + other suggestions

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Seduction + other suggestions

Postby NotKall » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:15 am

First off, love the game!

Seduction suggestions:

The seduction portion of the game is fun, but I would like to see it made deeper. The first recruits may stay the same, but adding options that drag it out more for the better recruits would add so much more depth to the game. It seems a bit odd to me that I can fuck a nun as the first or second action when first meeting her.

So, using the same mechanics (lust/horror) add another row of actions like seduce, innuendo, convince, place hand on thigh, offer "wine", kiss etc. with the recruit able to climax just on the thoughts/implications. For the more sought after recruits these would need to be done prior to any actual sex actions being selectable like the prerequisites needed for fucking, fisting, etc. Trying to seduce the nun would raise lust and horror and would need to be mitigated to go further.

You could further make the horror meters fill a bit faster than others for nuns/antique dealers/demon hunters (horror at what they are feeling) than the other recruits.


You have them as an option for the PC, I would like to see an option to use them for penetration. Males could have it as on option like the vibrator (insert tentacle in "orifice") and females could have it as on option in place of the strap-on.

End Day:

I checked other posts to make sure I wasn't duplicating anything in this section and noticed many want to skip the visits on occasion. Just a thought, but once you have X number of recruits maybe have a button show up in the surface tab called "spend evening with concubines" that would simply end the day.
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Re: Seduction + other suggestions

Postby willpell » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:47 am

Yeah, while I get that the demon is seeking out people who are already horny and thus can sort of live with the lack of preamble, I find it rather odd how everything is just all action all the time, and the only ways to decrease Horror require spending Mana. It seems as though a more realistic system (admittedly probably not the goal of this design) would have made it possible to reverse the growing tide of horror with foreplay, flirting, and appropriate social maneuvers designed to put the mark at ease, and Cast Illusion would just be a nuclear option for when you can't stand to go to such effort, instead of being something you absolutely must do several dozen times in order to keep the party going. I also think the game would be hotter if you roleplayed the dance of seduction, and you'd always have the option of using CI to fast-forward if you just wanted to get to the hardcore action.
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Re: Seduction + other suggestions

Postby handysmurf73 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:34 am

First off, great game. I just recently started playing it and love the concept. Second, I agree fully with notkall. It would be great if you could see them (nun,nurse, antique dealer) slowly descend to nothing but sex toys. Would you mind adding another two to three encounters and text story to flesh out(pun intended) their slow turning where by the fourth or fifth encounter they ask you to become a minion? I'd like to point out a love the sex mechanics and how they can be turned by a high orgasm but it would be equally fun to turn them into my minion by teasing and adding an action like innuendo.
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Re: Seduction + other suggestions

Postby handysmurf73 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:50 am

This will be my second and last suggestion. I don't want to be "ohhh, that guy again".
I do not know if this is the wrong place to post but I would be very thankful if you had more professional people to turn into a minion i.e. teacher, police/fire, preacher,etc. I would be extremely grateful if you could put in the chance to turn a husband a wife into minions at the same time or a family (all of legal age of course--son/daughter early 20s parents early 40s or a variation mom/daughter, dad/son, mom/son,dad/daughter). You would have my big thanks ( and a couple of donations) if something like these scenarios popped up.
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