Ideas, after the baron and taking the surface.

Ideas for things to add to the game

Ideas, after the baron and taking the surface.

Postby HurrahBro » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:34 pm

First of all, I have to say, good game. I do keep coming back.

I’ve been playing the game a bit and as a tabletop game tinkerer, I’ve come up with a few suggestions. How reasonable they are with the technology involved, I can’t say. Obviously if they fail to fit in with your vision, then please ignore them (we game tinkers, can get protective of our “babies” ;) ). But I think it gives you a way out of the current let down ending.

These kind of feed off each other, but I’m sure there is something here you can rip and make your own.

Ideas of expanding the game:
More recruiting areas.
Sometimes they fight back.
Establishing covens on the surface.
Problems with gangs/the law/witch finders on the surface leading to a new objective.

More recruiting areas:
Suburb like areas:
Suburb: As is.
Projetcs/Estates: Tend to be poorer/less educated, easier pickings but might attack and drive you off. (cold iron still stings) Crime a problem. More punks, gang members, down and outs.
Gated communities: Richer, better educated, more straight laced? More valuable? But might have religious attacks to you drive off (though .45 metal jacket slugs from a colt still stings!).

Downtown: as is:
Roughside: A rougher more crime prone area. Slightly easier pickings, but might attack and drive you off.

The fight off: Some potential might drive you off.
Sometimes fight or flight kicks in.
The first time you visit, they take an aggressive stance, you have 2 or 3 turns to get their interest before they drive you off.
You have to get their lust up enough, or you just get ignominiously kicked out! This is not horror max out, it is horror not exceeded by lust (enough?) in 2 or 3 turns. Tease would be good to use here. Maybe some dialog and options to turn their interest to what you have to offer. If you convince then, try and seduce. If not, you are driven off, 1/3rd chance of the following
- they disappear, like you rejected them.
- they remain and when you go back they are just as aggressive (start cycle again)
- they remain and when you next visit, they are much more positive towards you (higher lust, lower horror, chance to reflect and they are a bit turned on by it all).

Establishing covens.
You seduce but leave on the surface. You can't do this until your lair is full (like current game). If you leave on surface someone with "a venue" you can start a coven. That now appears at the top of the area.

They might give an item bonus, a discount; occasionally generate gifts of Mana (replace the gift from an admirer event? These are your admirers after all).

Owners are less desirable as they give less mana per cum or less upgradeable (or both) but have the bonus of the venue.

Antique trader: Antique shop. May find an antique that will give a gift, it may be of use on its own (mana store/lust bonus, EG: antique nipple rings or the prince albert piercing once “worn” by the actual Prince Albert! Allegedly! Being +1 mana on the shop bought items), or give some sort research bonus.
Hairdresser/Barber: Salon. May be less likely to attract suspicion.
Rare book trader: Bookshop. (a bit like an antique trader), may gain research bonus or a tome.
Boutique: May give a clothing or item that gives a bonus to lust or reduce horror.
Sex Shop: Owner functions like pornstar. May give a sex toy as a bonus or lower cost of sex catalog (trade discount).
Gym: Bodybuilder owner.
Café/Coffee shop: House-wife/husband owner. May be less likely to attract suspicion.
Tattoo parlor: Owner is a punk , biker or goth type, bonus on tattoo upgrades? Opens up alternative tattoos?

They then appear at the top of the "area". You can only have one in each area.

They might have slots for followers that can be upgraded. No more than 7 max. Maybe starting at 3 slots, upgradable to 5 and then 7. The first slot is always taken by the owner.

Apprentice/researchers: may give other followers in the coven a simple, one step upgrade (piercings, tattoos, boob job, the like). Small chance of that each turn.

Beasts: Act as enforcers, protect the coven, can’t be upgraded

Concubines just add mana, but can be upgraded. Small chance each turn.
Mana production rates? Much slower, maybe no more than 1/5th, more like 1/10th. Or just an increased chance of gift from Admirer.

If you have a coven in the area you have recruited someone from, and your lair is full, you can elect to place them in the coven.
If someone leaves the lair, you could suggest that the join a coven. If you make someone leave your lair to make room, you can add them to a coven.

The problem with covens:
They will demand upgrades to the venue. This costs you mana.
A witchfinder crack down might arrest the lot and you have lost them for good (not always with a crack down/arrests, but often enough)
The event that stops potential recruits appearing will make the coven lay low for 4 turns. (no benefit during that time but will re-activate when the fuss has died down).
One of the events that decreases trust in you might trigger a runaway concubine.

Gangs might be interested in taking over the coven as their own revenue stream for prostitution/drugs den or just plain old demand protection (play something like when the Barons Minions visit the lair this is why you allocate beasts to them)
Sometimes a concubine might do a runner (beasts to the rescue? Or maybe not).

Why? Slows down the game a little.
More importantly, it gives a way out of the current spluttering end game. Now: The Baron has gone, now you must contend with the forces on the surface. The objective is a coven in every area of the surface. But the witch finders are vigilant, the criminal gangs see opportunities through your covens, and you might have a rebel in your midst if you are not careful and spread the love/mana.
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