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End Day option

Postby willpell » Mon May 26, 2014 2:14 am

I had a good time trying out Fleshcult today; it's deeper than I expected a game about sex demons to be. :) I only experienced one major problem during a 32-day playthrough: on day 14 I ran out of room to recruit new minions, had insufficient Mana to build more space, and I just wanted to end the day so I could get more Drops and start doing stuff again. Unable to find any other way of ending the day, I eventually gave up and just pounced on a random crappy-statted Mortal, clicked random stimuli with no attempt to reduce Horror, and finally got the Horror meter to overflow, ending that session and the day.

Logically speaking, Horroring-out a victim hard enough to make them run screaming naked from the room ought to have some negative consequence; I'm not asking you to write that into the story, though, since it would be work. But at the very least, when you as the player aren't in the mood to grind your way through the Lust bar three or four times before you move on in the game, it ought to be possible to just hit an "end day" button, rather than being forced to traumatize a Suspicious mortal if you can't recruit an Intrigued one.
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Re: End Day option

Postby doublehelix » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:26 am

I know the post I'm replying to is from a few years ago, but I recently joined and started a playthrough and have encountered the same problem (or frustration, rather). An end day option, though not technically necessary, would be nice in order to speed up game play and allow players to choose who they want to seduce.
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